Huarong Mansion

Haikou West Fengxiang Road and South Longkun Road

Floor area:22944 ㎡

Construction area:84650 ㎡

Plot ratio:3.5

Greening rate:35%

Building type: 板楼

Project Profile


Huarong Mansion Housing estate is located at the core area of Haikou West Fengxiang Road and South Longkun Road, just across a way from “New Haikou Railway Station ”, the starting station of the “East Line High Speed Railway”—the No.1 project of the Eleventh Five-year Plan of Hainan, and close to Hainan Normal University, Hainan Middle School, the affiliated school of Hainan Normal University, Qiongshan Overseas Chinese Middle School, and 187 Hospital, etc., which demonstrates unlimited regional appreciation prospect. Huarong Mansion has a construction area of over 80,000 square meters, constituted by three 20-storey residential buildings and one 6-storey commercial buildings. Huarong Mansion is fresh, noble and elegant in overall style, with its external wall demonstrating wholeness in design & color, and variation in detail. Focusing on demonstrating the architectural features of coastal cities, we take advantage of the design change of windows and balconies to generate three-dimensional decoration effect. Moreover, variation in roof framework makes architecture design more transparent and lively, and enriches architecture outline. Vibrant color matching and material quality contrast give expression to fresh, natural and lively architectural style. The design of housing type is square, with north and south being all transparent, allowing daylight in three directions, which gives full consideration to residents’ life and mood. The master bedroom is equipped with a bright and transparent wide-viewing balcony, enabling one to take in the beautiful garden scenery in one glance, and making his/her life elegant and calm. Clear function division is demonstrated by separating dry space from moist space, living area from common activity area, and dining room and guest-meeting room. Transitional space is set at the entrance to cleverly protect one’s private life. 

Located at the central area of Fengxiang Road with increasingly perfect supporting facilities, and as an upscale residential community integrating residence, shopping, leisure, pleasant landscaping and convenient transportation, Huarong Mansion enables each owner to enjoy multicomponent urban life.  

Convenient public transportation: Green Home—Xiuying Port, Wanfu Xincun—Fucheng, Baishamen—Meilan Airport, Second East Road—Guoxing Middle School, Longhua Terminus—Provincial Techinical School, Green Home—Railway Station, Baishamen—Holiday Beach, and Crown Hotel—Guilinyang Development Zone.  


Escorting students’ growth: Huarong Mansion is close to Hainan Normal University, the affiliated middle school of Hainan Normal University.

Shopping and dinning entertainment: Common People Supermarket, Farmers’ Market of Ding Village, Fucheng Fruit Wholesale Market, and Chengxi Building Material Market. With all these facilities, one can enjoy convenience no less than that in downtown area while avoiding the bustling and congestion.

Major government institutions and public facilities: PLA 187 Hospital, Bank of China, Hainan Provincial Higher People’s Court, and Hainan Provincial Justice Department. Besides, Huarong Mansion is just across a way from “New Haikou Railway Station”, the starting station of the“East Line High Speed Railway”—the No.1 project of the Eleventh Five-year Plan of Hainan.