Royal Srping · Famous City

Old Town S. 2nd Ring Road of Chengmai

Floor area:60000 ㎡

Construction area:120798 ㎡

Plot ratio:2.42

Greening rate:35%

Building type: 板塔结合

Project Profile


Located in the Old Town S. 2nd Ring Road of Chengmai, Hainan Province, a world-famous longevity city, Royal Spring & Famous City enjoys the tourism advantages of Haikou Western Coast and Yingbin Peninsula, as well as large-scale state strategic transportation infrastructure such as Cross-sea Bridge and Western Ring High-speed Train 1st Station. Project whole construction area measures 120,000 square meters, with 1392 households in total, constituted by 6 18-storey small high-rises; the community houses 497 parking lots, with greening rate reaching 35%. The phaseⅠ (DEF) has been sold out, and phaseⅡ(ABC) unit measures 38~73 square meters, with low pooling rate, high utility ratio, bright kitchen and bathroom, good ventilation and lighting, large balcony and bay window, and square unit type. All phaseⅡunits are sold with fine decoration, with great cost performance. The community adopts balance layout in which a bustling front yard enjoys convenient transportation and a tranquil backyard nestles against countryside. The project is established in accordance with the living features of integration with the nature, mutual penetration, emphasis on health, and resort & leisure. 

Royal Spring & Famous City enjoys convenient transportation. As the extension of Yehai Avenue, and one of the bone road networks directly connecting old town, the south of the housing estate has been open to traffic to Haikou downtown area by No.57 and No.59 buses. Besides, the project is only a thousand kilometers from Hainan Western Ring Metro Old Town Station and western line highway. One can travel directly to Meilan Airport by metro and highway, and to the sea by car in 10 minutes. The project enjoys exceptional natural resources. Its near-town feature and leisure & resort function jointly create a special residential vacation quarter. 

Relying on the featured resources and surrounding supporting facilities of old town economic development zone, Royal Spring & Famous City enjoys relatively mature living supporting facilities: 

1. Municipal facilities: old town Revenue Department, Haikou Economic Bonded Area, and the 12th Five-year Planning project of “Ecological Software Park” of Hainan. 

2. Financial facilities: Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Big Banks.

3. Shopping and recreational facilities: the 3rd Time Commercial Pedestrian Street, Old Town Junqun Supermarket, Hongdu Shopping Center, Farmers’ Market, etc. The project is only 200m from the 3rd Time Commercial Pedestrian Street. 

4. Educational facilities: Hainan Overseas Chinese High School, and the Ecological Software Park awaiting construction in front of the project. 

5. Medical facilities: Apollo China-India Friendship Hospital, Tumor Hospital, 187 Military Hospital and Agribusiness Hospital.

Integrating living functions such as catering, entertainment, leisure, shopping, school and medicine, Royal Spring & Famous City has become one of the boutique projects of Old Town Harmonious Living Habitat, and enables diversified commercial activities to provide convenient as well as bustling central square for future owners. 

Royal Spring & Famous City also boasts complete internal supporting facilities, such as selenium-enriching theme pools (3 major convalescence themes: Chinese medicine pool, flower fragrance pool and original spring pool), tropical garden swimming pool, leisure square, basketball ground, shade lane and health care equipment. All this creates a leisure zone in city center and rural-like life behind prosperous life. One can have a distant view of rural natural scenery, and a closer look at tropical ecological park. Enjoying quietly the leisurely and carefree mood generated by flower fragrance and birds’ singing, park scenery and garden scenery, the scenery of life will never come to an end. 

Sound ecological environment, oxygen-enriched air, and mineral water quality of lava rich in selenium build the reputation of “world-famous longevity town” of this place where average life span is 6.59 years older than that of national average. Besides, the in-depth underground Selenium-rich soil originating from volcanic eruption a few hundred thousand years is suitable for cultivating quality fruits such as blessing oranges, seedless litchi and Selenium-rich sweet potatoes. Related to yet not close to sea, the place is warm in winter and cool in summer. With vigorous green plants and blooming flowers, the place possesses unparalleled ecological natural environment for resort.