Peninsula Sunlight

Lingao county Lincheng Second Ring Road

Floor area:115870 ㎡

Construction area:316418 ㎡

Plot ratio:2.61

Greening rate:37%

Building type: 板塔结合

Project Profile


Peninsula Sunshine has 300,000 square meters of coastal hot spring community with Southeast Asia style. The total planning land area is 115871.8 square meters with a green coverage rate of 37%, including the hotel construction area of 25,000 square meters, commercial supporting area of construction area of 11000 square meters. Developed in two phases and located in the new core area of the municipality, Peninsula Sunshine enjoys favorable geographical conditions as it is adjacent to the river and the sea and the network of high-speed rail ways and highways. It is a high-quality large-scale residential project integrating leisure, vacation and investment.

With its city-level scale of 300,000 square meters and relying on the unique double-bay resources, Peninsula Sunshine is committed to creating a Peninsula Double Bay Holiday quality community. It integrates leisure, vacation and investment in one high-quality large residential projects and boasts a variety of business types, such as hotels, holiday apartments and theme businesses. You can enjoy your vacation inside the residential area. Peninsula Sunshine is combined with the authentic Southeast Asian style gardens together with the ribbon-pattern gardens to protect the beauty of landscape. The sights of water, trees, stones , paths as well as flowers, birds, fish and hot springs will remind you that life is full of amazing scenery.

Peninsula Sunshine has a unique hotel-style independent lobby. 24-hour signature property management service are provided here. Community-specific bus and one-button emergency system are available. Professional property management services activities, such as health care lectures, community physical examination activities and community sports competitions are regularly organized.

Supporting Facilities

Surrounding municipal facilities are adequate, including schools, hotels, finance, institutions and hospitals. 

Facilities inside Residential Area

Southeast Asian style gardens, ecological health community leading "health garden" ,  pools with double beaches, multifunctional clubs, spa health pools, comfortable mansions of 60-89 square meters , courtyard balcony of 2.4 meters.

Traffic Condition

Light rail: adjacent to river and sea, West Ring High-speed rail, and West Line High-Speed Transportation Network.

More: convenient traffic with roads in four directions; adjacent to river and sea, West Ring High-speed rail, and West Line High-Speed Transportation Network.